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Moving to DevOps?

A checklist for teams moving to DevOps Introduction Since Microsoft understands the need for open-source platforms, they are fueling more open-source developments in recent days. Microsoft rebranded its cloud-based CI/CD platform VSTS into Azure DevOps services in September 2018. They announced free DevOps services for all the open-source projects around the same time. Apart from the open-source model, still…

Postman + OAuth + Azure DevOps pipeline for API functional/integration testing

I recently had a chance to configure API functional tests and run them under the Azure DevOps pipeline. I struggled a bit and spent a couple of days spotting the way to get the security tokens from Azure AD B2C in the Azure CI/CD pipeline. Also handling the anti-XSRF token is a bit tricky part…

Securely configuring Azure DevOps pipeline for SQL unit testing

Introduction If you are aiming to securely configure your database unit tests in the Azure DevOps pipeline, the first challenge you might need to address is how to configure your connection strings. Unfortunately, no clear documentation explains the best practices around this area. The aim of this article is to cover the possibilities to configure…

Why Strategic IT Planning is Crucial for Your Business

Introduction IT plays a critical role in the success of modern businesses. Without a solid IT strategy in place, your business could be left behind. In this blog post, we discuss why strategic IT planning is crucial for your business. Alignment with Business Objectives Your IT strategy should be aligned with your business objectives. By…

The Advantages of Cloud Migration for Your Business

Introduction Cloud migration is the process of moving your business’s data and applications to the cloud. In recent years, more and more businesses have been migrating to the cloud, and for good reason. In this blog post, we discuss the advantages of cloud migration for your business and why you should consider it. Cost Savings…

Why Cyber Security Should Be Your Top Priority

Introduction In today’s digital era, the security of your data has never been more critical. With increasing threats of cyber-attacks, ensuring your business is secure should be a top priority. In this blog post, we discuss why cyber security is essential for your business and what steps you can take to protect it. The Importance…