Cloud Cost Optimization

Are you thinking that you are over-spending on your on-prem or cloud resources? Don’t think further. We are experts in analyzing your resource needs and suggest the optimal solution for the best business outcome. Please contact us to explore this further.

IT Advisory and Digital Portfolio Building

Are you thinking of planning your long-term IT strategy and building an IT portfolio that maximizes your return on investment? We shall study your business priorities and short-term and long-term business needs, market demand, and modern tools that fit into your business and help you build your digital portfolio. Please contact us to explore this further.

Buy or Make Decisions

Do you need help to choose the right tools and processes for operational excellence? Don’t you want to invest in a full-time CTO/ CIO/ CSO, but want to have C-level service? We are here to help you out. Please contact us to explore this further.

Cloud Architecture

Are you thinking to move your digital services into Cloud? Your cloud journey can start with our consultation. We analyze your requirements and give you the best strategy to move your services into the best suitable cloud platform. Your data security and long-term cost-effectiveness are the important key factors in determining the solution. Please contact us to explore this further.

Web & Mobile Development

With our rich set of experience in this field, we develop software targeting different platforms such as Windows, iOS, and Android. Software development follows rigorous secure development coding guidelines according to industrial standards. In most cases, software development happens in-house in Finland and is outsourced to India in other needed cases. In both cases, our development will go through proper reviews and quality gates. Please contact us to explore this further.

Process Improvements

Are you thinking to change your organizational culture into DevOps or more agile? We help you to make this cultural change and enable the tools and practices to make this transition as smooth as possible. Our offering includes organization/ group level agile/ scrum coaching, enabling the tools and processes according to industrial standards. With our strong expertise in this area, we also help teams to set up their CI/ CD pipelines to enable a faster release cadence. Please contact us to explore this further.

Other Services

  • Industrial process automation
  • Software design/ planning
  • Software development team formation
  • Organizational culture change training
  • Strategic planning for cloud-native development
  • Complex problem solving
  • Test automation strategy and planning
  • Test automation implementation